Home Selling Tips


  1. Clean everything. You may want to invest in a professional. You see the same things in your home everyday so an outside eye may help you be more thorough.
  2. Make your bed – everyday. No exceptions.
  3. Clear kitchen counters. Put away small appliances and any items that clutter your countertops. Keep pictures on the refrigerator to a minimum.
  4. Bathrooms should sparkle. Add an extra or larger mirror to make the room seem larger.
  5. Wash windows. No one likes to wash windows – if yours are clean, you probably take care of the rest of the house, too.
  6. Remove excess furniture. Make sure that all rooms are navigable. Your computer desk in the dining room is convenient for you, but may not be the most attractive to a prospective buyer.
  7. Remove excess knick-knacks. One man’s treasure will look like junk to another. Pack up your Pez Dispenser collection and your guest room will seem a bit larger.
  8. Organize closets. Neat closets appear to have more space – and everyone can use more closet space.
  9. Repair leaks. Buyers will look for leaks around toilets, sinks and bathtubs.
  10. Sweep the front porch. Even if you don’t have a front porch, make sure that the entrance to house is neat.
  11. Keep your lawn well-maintained. Landscaping can make or break a house and the lawn is the first thing a buyer will see.
  12. Clean your gutters.
  13. Paint something. The smell of paint makes you think of something fresh and new.
  14. Make sure your house passes the smell test…especially if you have pets. People remember smells just as much, if not more than, how something looks. Bake some cookies or bread before a showing. If you don’t have time, burn a cake candle.
  15. Listen to your agent! Our agents have seen every type of home, from the excessively neat home to the pigpen! We know what will help a home sell.
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