Home Buying Tips

Tips For Buying A Home
The first step in buying a home is to determine what you can and want to spend. Sure, you may qualify for a $250,000 home, but do you actually want to make those payments every month? Your agent can help you figure out your monthly payment, but your best option is to pre-qualify with a mortgage company. Dean Realty works with several exceptional mortgage companies and your agent can recommend the one that is best for you.

Once you know your price range, you need to determine where you want to live. How close do you want to be to your office? Do you need to be in a specific school district? Subdivision or no subdivision? Your agent will find all of the properties that suit your needs and arrange to show you the properties. Your job is to be honest with yourself and your agent so you do not waste any time looking at homes that would never work!

When you find your dream home, your agent will write an offer for you. Remember that almost everything is negotiable and your agent will help you decide the specifics. It is not unusual to counteroffer several times before both the buyer and seller are happy.

After the seller accepts your offer, you get ready to close! Every deal is different – sometimes closing will occur in two weeks, sometimes in two months. Your agent will walk you through every step of the way - from finalizing your loan to recommending a home inspector. Your agent will work with your mortgage company to actually schedule your closing with an attorney and you will know what amount of money that you will need for your down payment, insurance premium and property taxes before your closing date.

Buying a home can be simple! All you need is a good agent to look after your interests. Every agent at Dean Realty is qualified and trained to represent you, the buyer, in the most professional way possible.

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