Our Marketing Plan for Your Home


  1. Your agent will prepare a Market Analysis to determine the best price for your home. A true Market Analysis compares homes that have sold recently that are comparable to yours in style, size and neighborhood. Overpricing your home just to see what you can get is not a good idea. Your home will have the most interest when it is first on the market. Why exclude potential buyers who would have looked at your home if it had been priced correctly? When you have to reduce the price later, buyers may think that something is wrong with your home and offer much less than what it is worth. Sellers most always think that their home is worth more than their neighbor’s home. Trust your agent – it is his or her job to recommend the best price. After all, your agent works for you!
  2. You and your agent will complete the Listing Agreement and Property Disclosure. (Gather utility records, property tax information, a copy of community covenants, survey, deed, and key for lockbox prior to the listing appointment).
  3. Your agent will suggest what you can do to make your home more marketable (see Home Selling Tips).
  4. A professional Dean Realty sign will be placed on your front lawn.
  5. A lockbox will be placed on the front door or other visible location.
    Your home information will be entered into the MLS.
  6. Your agent will prepare a custom brochure on your home to include a photo and all of the home information.
  7. This brochure will be placed in a brochure box on the sign. Your agent will also leave copies on your kitchen counter or foyer for potential buyers who visit your home.
  8. You home will be published on the internet on dean-realty.com, georgiamls.com, findahomepublications.com, realtor.com, and realestatebook.com.
  9. Your agent will network with other agents by holding an agent open house (at your discretion), adding your home to the agent caravan, and sending your home brochure to the other real estate offices in the area.
  10. Your agent will advertise your home in selected media to include The Real Estate Book, and Find-A-Home.
  11. Your agent will follow-up with anyone who shows your home for valuable feedback.
  12. Your agent will negotiate and immediately present all offers to you.
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